Board of Directors

The NCA Board of Director are voting members of the NCA Leadership team. These members includes two (2) elected representatives from each FEMA region and a number of at-large members. This ensures that the NCA represents the geographic diversity of the CERT program as well as program diversity.

NCA Board of Directors - Regional Representatives
FEMA RegionRepresentative ARepresentative B
Region 1

Arlen Magoon

Retired, FEMA Region I

Retired, SME

Donald Janelle

Manchester Emergency Management

CERT Program Manager

Region 2Phyllis Worell

Burlington County Office of Emergency Management

CERT Program Manager

Joe Pupello

New York City Emergency Management

CERT Program Manager

Region 3

Steven Herring

Chesterfield County Emergency Management (VA)

Program Manager

Sue Ann (Cookie) Ketcham

Virginia Beach Office of Emergency Services

CERT Program Manager

Region 4

Ellen Pinder

Charlotte County Emergency Management (FL)

Emergency Management

Samantha Royster

North Carolina Emergency Management

State CERT Administrator

Region 5

Michelle Hanneken

Serve Illinois Commission

State CERT Administrator

Josh D. Vittie

Ohio Emergency Management Agency

State CERT Administrator

Region 6

Amanda Smith

Serve Louisiana

State CERT Administrator

Joe Parungao

Texas Association of Regional Councils

State CERT Administrator

Region 7

Kate Dinneen

Douglas County Emergency Management (KS)

CERT Program Manager

Tina Brown

Missouri State Emergency Mangement Agency

State CERT Administrator

Region 8

Declan Costello

Lakewood CERT

CERT Program Manager

Wade Mathews

Utah Department of Public Safety

State CERT Administrator

Region 9

Suu-Va Tai

California Office of Emergency Services

State CERT Administrator

Jake Heflin

Long Beach City Fire Department

CERT Program Manager

Region 10

Glenn Devitt

Portland Bureau of Emergency Management

CERT Program Manager

Michelle Torres

Alaska Department of Homeland Security & Emergency Management

State CERT Administrator

NCA Board of Directors At-Large Subject Matter Experts
FEMA RegionAt-Large PositionName and Organization/CERT Role
Region 4At-Large SME A - CERT Associations

Jamie Cunningham

North Collier Fire Control & Rescue District

State Association Chair

Region 10At-Large SME B - FEMA CERT Guidance

Rachel Jacky

Portland CERT

Retired SME

Region 9At-Large SME A - Volunteer

Lauren "Styger" Stiger

San Francisco Fire Department

CERT Volunteer

Region 4At-Large SME B - Volunteer

Christy Moore

Florida CERT Association

CERT Volunteer

Region 6At-Large SME A - Youth Preparedness

Buffie Waldie

Mart High School CERT

CERT Program Manager

Region 8At-Large SME B - CERT in Multiple Languages

Celso Rangel

Serve Washington

State CERT Administrator

Region 5At-Large SME A - NGO Operations

Patti Ridings

CERT Volunteer

Region 1Chair of Equity and Inclusion

Nancy Smith

City of Boston Mayor's Office

CERT Program Manager

Region 6Special - Assistant Treasurer

Dave Nichols

Mississippi Office of Homeland Security

State CERT Administrator

NCA Officers

President - Suu-Va Tai

Vice President - Vacant

Secretary - Vacant

Treasurer - Vacant

Public Information Officer - Vacant

FEMA Observers

FEMA Preparedness staff at each FEMA region and FEMA HQ participate on the NCA Leadership team as non-voting observers. This ensures a strong partnership and synergy between the NCA and FEMA.

Community Responder Lead

Amitai "Tai" Zuckerman

Region 1 - Christopher Andrews

Region 2Deborah Costa

Region 3 - Jacqui Robinson

Region 4Candace Thompson

Region 5Amy Pifine

Region 6Bill Bischof

Region 7 - Ryan Lowry-Lee

Region 8 - Kirsten Maltese

Region 9Christian Erickson

Region 10Ilyssa Plumber