Disasterville is an interactive hands-on activity that supports preparedness program recruitment, encourages sponsor buy-in, helps as a great knowledge refresher and training tool, and is useful for preparedness education. Disasterville is useful for Community Emergency Response Teams (CERT), Medical Reserve Corps (MRC), and Voluntary Organizations Active in Disasters (VOAD), as well as local officials, Emergency Managers, professional responders, and the general public. Disasterville is designed as a table-top activity simulating a town set up with small buildings and figurines. The toolkit has markers to set up a disaster scene of your choosing, including infrastructure damages, structure damages, and victim conditions. This incorporates additional table top components such as an emergency operation center, a medical treatment area, and a hospital or healthcare area.

Disasterville is a Great Visual Tool

Show Elected Officials, Emergency Managers, and other community leaders how their city works without CERT and how using CERT can benefit response and recovery. This can help determine additional community needs, response gaps, and other ways that CERT can benefit the community.

Help individuals see the interchange and working relations between emergency management, professional responders, local health care providers, volunteer programs and community members.

Show community members possible first response limitations in the event of a major disaster, discover the importance of personal preparedness, and of being trained in basic disaster response skills.

Have CERT volunteers practice setting up and operating their CERT Organization/ Command Structure, using their documents, testing communication plans, gathering info and reporting it to the Emergency Operation Center for situational awareness, setting up a medical treatment area, triaging, and more.

Webinar on Disasterville

View recorded webinar here.

Presented by James Ray (Utah Division of Emergency Management) on 9/21/2021, as part of FEMA’s Preparedness Webinar Series, as a highlight from the 2021 National CERT Conference.


Create Your Own Disasterville Kit


Disasterville Toolkit

Download all the instructions and materials you will need to create your own Disasterville kit.

Disasterville eGame Stats

15min to 2hrs

2 to 300+

Table to Several Rooms

Low Tech

Low Cost

1 or More

NCA Disasterville Activity Kit

CERT Programs across the U.S. have asked to purchase a pre-assembled Disasterville Kit. To meet this request, the NCA has partnered with the team in Utah to create pre-assembled Disasterville Activity Kits.

These kits will be available for purchase at the 2022 National CERT Conference.*

Want to buy a pre-made Disasterville Kit? Click here to let us know your interest by filling out a survey.


The NCA Disasterville Activity Kit will include the following:


  • Access to the electronic toolkit
  • Town style play mat
  • Wooden buildings / 32 piece town play set
  • Emergency vehicles (ambulance, police, fire truck, helicopter)
  • Matchbox cars (5)
  • Animal figurines (4)
  • People cut-out cards with victim conditions (66)
  • CERT character cards (12)
  • Building damage cards (40)
  • Healthcare facility profile and form (5 sets)
  • CERT forms (2 sets)
  • Position name plates (13)
  • ICS 214 activity log forms (14)
  • ICS 211 supply tracking form (14)
  • Infrastructure damage and hazards cards (66)
  • Medical treatment forms (66)
  • Mini medical treatment cards (66)
  • Search marking cards (40)
  • Storage box
  • Manila envelopes
  • Facilitator Guide with copies of all paper replacement parts (78 pages)
  • Facilitator checklist
  • Participant pre and post impact evaluations (20)
  • Participant exercise evaluation (20)
  • Facilitator evaluation tally sheet to measure impact
  • Access to the facilitator certificate of completion
  • Triage tarps = 1 set of 4 (8.5X11), and 1 small set of 4
  • Pens (10)
  • Zip style baggies to hold all cut out items
Disasterville is the result of a collaboration created in a cooperative effort by Will Lusk- Cache County Utah Emergency Management, Sandy Spendlove- State of Utah CERT Coordinator, Katie Hull- State of Utah and Weber-Morgan MRC Coordinator, Talisha Bacon- Utah County MRC Coordinator, Suz Roam- Southwest MRC Coordinator, and supported by James Ray- State of Utah Division of Emergency Management, and Stacy Sayre- HHS Region 8 MRC Liaison. Special Recognition to Logan City Utah Fire Department for the original creation of the Bradyville/Disasterville concept.