National CERT Association 2022 Elections

Campaign Videos

Please review the videos to learn about the candidates.  You will be voting for only one region candidate and up to  three member-at-large candidates.

Region 1 Candidates

David McEnery

Region 2 Candidates

Joseph Pupello

Region 3 Candidates

Jeffery Katz

Frances Whalen

Region 4 Candidates

Scotty Johnson

Samantha Royster

Region 5 Candidates

Josh Vittie

Region 6 Candidates

Joe Parungao

Tim Pipes

Region 7 Candidates

Tina Brown

Region 8 Candidates

Doug Meikle

Mike Sawyer

Harold Tiger

Region 9 Candidates

Brenda Emrick

Jake Heflin

Cheryl Nagy

Region 10 Candidates

Celso Rangel

Member-at-Large (SME) Candidates

Volunteers SME

Jourdan Hartshorn

Christy Moore

Teaching SME

Terry Young

Call for Nominees

The National CERT Association, in accordance with the NCA Bylaws, is accepting nominations for Group B seats (Regional and Member-at-Large) on the Board of Directors.

One Group B seat exists for each of the 10 FEMA Regions. Four Member-at-Large seats (including one vacant seat) are open in this election.

Self-nomination is required to ensure interest and willingness to fulfill expectations. To submit your nomination, complete this Survey Monkey application by 5:00 p.m. MDT, Friday, August 26, 2022. Feel free to send this notice to someone who you think would be a great candidate.

Nominations must include the following information:

  • Name of Nominee
  • Phone number of Nominee
  • Email address of Nominee
  • State of Residence of Nominee
  • FEMA Region of Nominee
  • Brief summary of CERT experience, leadership, etc. of Nominee
  • 5 minute, self-produced campaign speech video

Along with the self-nomination application, local level nominees should obtain and submit two letters of reference: one from your sponsoring agency/immediate CERT program manager and one from your state CERT coordinator. State-level nominees should submit one letter of reference from their employing agency or state CERT coordinator.

Nominees will be reviewed and vetted by the Election Committee. Approved Candidates will prepare a brief (5 minute) campaign speech, make a video recording of it, and send it to the election committee to be posted on the NCA website.

Expectations of Board Members:

  • Uphold the NCA Vision and Mission
  • Adhere to the NCA Bylaws
  • Participate in at least three quarterly virtual meetings and one in-person annual meeting
  • Serve on at least one NCA committee annually
  • Serve for a term of two years or until the respective successor has been duly elected or appointed (The term for the Group B Member-at-Large elected in this election will be for a period of one year, reverting to a two-year term in following election cycles.)

Group B Regional Directors shall be elected by membership from their respective regions. Group B Member-at-Large Directors shall be elected by the entire membership. The election will be conducted by secret ballot via Survey Monkey. Polls will open on Friday, September 30, 2022 for a period of no more than seven days, closing at 5:00 p.m. PT on Thursday, October 6, 2022.

Board of Directors whose terms are expiring (Seat B) include: 

  • Region 1 – Donald Janelle
  • Region 2 – Joe Pupello
  • Region 3 – Sue Ann “Cookie” Ketcham
  • Region 4 – Samantha Royster
  • Region 5 – Josh D. Vittie
  • Region 6 – Joe Parungao
  • Region 7 – Tina Brown
  • Region 8 – Wade Mathews
  • Region 9 – Jake Heflin
  • Region 10 – Michelle Torres
  • Member-at-Large (FEMA CERT Guidance) – Rachel Jacky
  • Member-at-Large (Volunteers) – Christy Moore
  • Member-at-Large (CERT in Multiple Languages) – Celso Rangel
  • Member-at-Large (unassigned) – Vacant

NCA Board of Directors Membership and Election Background Information

The National CERT Association is led by a leadership team that includes 20 regional representatives, up to 10 members-at-large, FEMA Regional Community Preparedness Officers (CPOs) and Regional Preparedness Liaisons (RPLs), and the national CERT Program Manager at FEMA Headquarters. The regional representatives and members-at-large are the only board members with voting rights.

There are two regional representatives (seat A and seat B) from each of the 10 NCA regions (mirroring FEMA regions). They help ensure that the NCA effectively communicates with, and supports, all CERT programs in the U.S.

The members-at-large do not represent any one NCA region. They represent the entire NCA membership and may consist of subject matter experts. They are also identified by seat A or seat B designation based on year of election. This election will bring the current number of members-at-large to eight.

NCA regional representatives and members-at-large serve two-year terms. Elections are held each year on an alternating seat A or seat B schedule.

The original 20 charter regional representatives were appointed by their respective FEMA Community Preparedness Officer or Regional Preparedness Liaison.

On July 6, 2022 the NCA Board of Directors approved the following election process.

  1. The NCA will call for nominees for all open Board seats. This call will be sent to the entire NCA membership. It will also be sent to all state/territory CERT coordinators and FEMA CPOs/RPLs to share with their respective CERT networks.
  2. All nomination package submissions will be sent to the NCA Election Committee.
  3. The NCA Election Committee will provide the nominations to the appropriate FEMA Region CPOs/RPLs for review.
  4. Up to three candidates will be selected for each NCA region. If a region fails to receive or select three candidates then the NCA Board will select the remaining candidates. For member-at-large seats, FEMA region CPOs/RPLs and the national CERT Program Manager will select up to three candidates for each open seat from the nominations received.
  5. All candidates will provide a pre-recorded five minute campaign speech which will be posted on the NCA website and be available to all NCA members for viewing.
  6. Elections will be conducted via Survey Monkey. NCA members may only cast one vote for each open seat within their respective regions. NCA members may cast one vote for each open member-at-large seat.
  7. NCA will announce the winning candidates.
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